Success Stories


At CrossFit9, each newcomer is a success story waiting to happen. Hearing testimonies like these, only reinforce our commitment to athletes and their goals. Let’s see what’s got our CrossFit community buzzing.

  • Ashley Couser

    CrossFit9 is more than just another box… It’s THE box to be at. It’s a solid group of people that help and support each other every day to become better athletes all the way around. From the clients to the coaches, you really feel like everyone is there to encourage you and help you achieve your fitness goals. They have the best coaches I have ever worked with. Their WODs are a constant challenge each day and they have some really fantastic workshops and events throughout the year. I’ve been to a lot of different boxes and I can say 100%, I’ve found the one I’m calling home.

  • Brandon L.

    From elite athletes to beginners, strength athletes to endurance, savages, lovers and those with both personalities, this gym has it all. The setting and atmosphere Is fun and motivating. Jamming music and ripping shirts off when it’s crunch time, and joining a new family is what happens here. I have been here for over a year and am always learning and progressing because of the coaches’ and athletes’ drive and skill sets. This is the place to be no matter what sport you play or goals you have. We are a fit family. Thank you CrossFit9!

  • Lois H.

    CrossFit9 is my playground. I learn something new each time that I’m there. I am an adaptive athlete and the coaches are super supportive and extremely attentive to my needs. I’m not treated any different than anyone else. The coaches constantly encourage me to challenge myself and are extremely knowledgeable, helping each athlete according to their needs.

    CrossFit9 is definitely a family oriented box. I love the classes and how friendly everyone is to one another. I’m glad I’ve found my home away from home. 5 stars for CrossFit9.

  • Adnan Ali

    I’ve been a member at CrossFit9 for nine months now and could not be happier. I initially thought CrossFit wasn’t for me because it looked so difficult. However, I have come to appreciate just how scalable the workouts are to any fitness level. Over time, you will only get better. I am now able to perform moves that seemed impossible just a few months ago.

    What makes this box truly great are the coaches. They are dedicated, take the time to teach you proper form, and are your biggest advocates. Members vary from all skill levels and are also incredibly supportive of one another. One thing I especially like about the box is that at the beginning of each class everyone goes around the room and greets each other. This sets the stage for camaraderie amongst members.

    The programming is excellent and constantly changing. Equipment is top-notch and there are numerous class times offered. I highly recommend CrossFit9!

  • Ashley M.

    It’s been the most empowering thing I’ve ever done. I have become so much more confident as a person. I feel stronger as a woman, as a person.

  • Stef R.

    I came to CrossFit9 and it was friendly off the bat, coaches working really hard with me, and I thought, this is a really good place.

    CrossFit9 is unique and different because of the coaches and community.

    It’s not a “go out there and kill yourself” or “don’t eat anything” mentality.


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