#9Nation Podcast Ep. 17: MyZone Heart Rate Monitors

On this week's episode of the 9Nation Podcast, Coaches Kyle and Dane talk about all things Myzone. We use Myzone heart rate monitors at CrossFit9 as a measure of intensity for more effective workouts.


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1:00 - Intro discussion

3:50 - What is Myzone? (And how to get one!)

6:30 - Why use Myzone?

7:00 - Color tiles, individualized stats

9:00 - Use INSIDE and OUTSIDE of the gym

10:00 - Dane uses his Myzone on the Echo Bike

11:10 - Myzone “Zone Match” Games, Recovery, Pacing, Breathing

14:20 - Applying the Myzone and pacing/recovery to CrossFit WODS

15:10 - MyZone Challenges, and MEPs

16:30 - Social feed, and device memory storage

18:00 - More about pacing, troublesome movements, feeling intensity 

22:00 - Closing remarks, and best way to get a Myzone!