#9Nation Podcast Ep. 18 Coach Dane’s Instagram Takeover

In this episode, Dane and Kyle recap Dane's recent CF9 Instagram Takeover. They take a deeper dive into some of the questions asked to Dane throughout the day, and discuss some funny moments behind the scenes.

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Show Notes

0:00 - Intro to the CF9 Instagram Takeover

1:00 - Behind the scene nerves

2:00 - Dane’s nutritious breakfast

2:51 - MyZone pairing to Garmin watches

4:21 - Being too fit?!?

5:25 - Intro to the questions

6:33 - Abs in the kitchen or the gym?

8:48 - Alcohol, goals, lifestyle, and Dane’s drink of choice

12:10 - Bad boys, bad boys, bad boys…

14:02 - Meal habits, fasting, food options, fuel the body

16:55 - Mental toughness, books, podcasts

22:20 - Interest in gymnastics and bodyweight skills 

23:52 - Handstands and “falling well” in gymnastics class

25:00 - Conclusion (and one final “bad boys”)