#9Nation Podcast Ep. 29 Mental Health with Coach Joe

When the pandemic hit, Coach Joseph Gay (@josephmichaelkenneth) was brand new to New York City.

So on top of the isolation of being new in town, Joseph was also physically confined to his apartment. And like many of us, his mental health took a hit. 😪

🎙 On this week’s #9NationPodcast, Joseph tells us how he coped, and found a passion for fitness in the process. (Spoilers: #CrossFit9 at-home workouts were a key factor! 🔑)


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Show Notes

0:00 - Introduction - Mental Health and Fitness

1:45 - Brief background of Coach Joe

3:00 - Joe moving to Florida

4:50 - Coach Dane remembering Joe

6:00 - Range by David Epstien

6:20 - Joe’s mental health history 

8:30 - CrossFit 9’s COVID Zoom Workouts

10:43 - CrossFit Level 1 

11:00 - Sickness, Wellness, Fitness Continuum

14:50 - CrossFit community

17:00 - Best hour of your day

17:30 - Conclusion