#9Nation Podcast Ep. 21 Repairing Your Metabolism

LISTEN + SUBSCRIBE Find #9Nation Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor.fm, and more! Click here to find us on your favorite podcast platform. LISTEN HERE Show notes 0:00 – Introduction 0:50 – Undereating and its effect on metabolism 3:00 – Muscle and metabolism 5:00 – Importance of carbs 5:55 – Repairing your metabolism… Read more »

#9Nation Podcast Ep. 17: MyZone Heart Rate Monitors

Myzone MZ-3 heart rate monitor at crossfit9 st pete fl

On this week’s episode of the 9Nation Podcast, Coaches Kyle and Dane talk about all things Myzone. We use Myzone heart rate monitors at CrossFit9 as a measure of intensity for more effective workouts. LISTEN + SUBSCRIBE Find #9Nation Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor.fm, and more! Click here to find us on… Read more »

#9Nation Podcast Ep. 15: All about the Whole Life Challenge 2021

If your 2021 needs a healthy habit tune-up, then we highly recommend the Whole Life Challenge to get and stay on track. This 6-week, gamified, holistic approach is one we whole-heartedly endorse at CrossFit9.  And we’re doing it as a team, so you’ll have a group to lean on for accountability and questions. In today’s… Read more »

Meet Coach Kyle

KYLE RADUNE CrossFit9 st pete coach personal trainer

2020 brought us many things ranging from “meh” to “oh hell no”. But one of the great things to emerge from the shutdown earlier this year: It brought us our newest full-time coach, Kyle Radune! While some of you have met Kyle in class, you might not know the depth of knowledge he brings to… Read more »

#9Nation Podcast Episode 12: Introducing Our Gymnastics Class!

Our August Specialty Class is here by popular demand: Gymnastics! When it comes to all-around coordination, body control, and spatial awareness, gymnasts rule the athletic world. In CrossFit we might not ask you to do back handsprings, but having a good grasp of the fundamentals can be helpful with nearly every aspect of your movement,… Read more »

#9Nation Podcast Episode 11: How to Get Fitness Wins When 2020 is a Hot Mess

I think we can all agree that 2020 has – so far – been trash. We’re all feeling quarantine fatigue, we’re exhausted, we’re losing (or have already lost) motivation. We’re as aware as ever about the importance of our health. But making the continued investment can start to feel pointless when we’re far off track… Read more »

Fit For What Podcast Ep. 6: A sneak peek at Wodify Pulse heart rate monitors!

Wodify Pulse heart rate monitors at CrossFit9 St Pete FL

It’s Heart Health Month, the perfect time to announce and launch Wodify Pulse, our new heart rate monitor service at CrossFit9. Access to heart rate monitors is nothing new. However, this is the first time it will be integrated right into classes at CrossFit9 so you can use heart rate training as your workout is… Read more »