Five Bullet Friday 180810

TGIF, #9Nation! • Looks like science is catching up with something 9’ers already know: Lifting weights helps ease anxiety and depression. Next time you’re feeling down, come hit the barbell with us. Chances are you’ll feel a lot better. • Moving your body also helps to increase productivity. Trips to the gym aside, even frequent short periods… Read more »

Five Bullet Friday 180803

Happy Friday, #9Nation! • Suffering from neck strain? For those of us who sit at a desk all day, here are some quick and easy things you can do throughout the day to relieve neck tension. • Dehydration is not black and white. You may be operating in a mildly dehydrated state, but even a little… Read more »

Five Bullet Friday 180727

Happy Friday, #9Nation! • The 2018 CrossFit Games are just around the corner, kicking off August 1! We’re Netflixing the documentary of last year’s Games: The Redeemed and The Dominant. Who do you think will claim the title of Fittest Man and Woman On Earth this year? • Being naked is cool and all… but notat the gym. Save it for… Read more »

Five Bullet Friday 180720

five bullet friday 180720

Good Friday evening, #9Nation! •If you’ve been struggling with hydration this summer (lets face it, we all are), try this electrolyte solution. Coach Jaqueline says good things. Water alone is not enough, and (I’ll say it) sports drinks like Gatorade are NOT good sources of electrolytes! •Listen to Ben Bergeron (a top CrossFit coach) discuss… Read more »

Five Bullet Friday 180706

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Good Friday evening, #9Nation! • We already know our 9’ers are in the healthy minority, but new stats show only one in five Floridians gets enough exercise, lower than the national average. (That’s a great reason to invite a friend to a free 9HIIT class!) • We know mental wellness is inextricably linked with physical… Read more »

Five Bullet Friday 180629

Five Bullet Friday 180629 CrossFit 9 St Pete FL

TGIF, #9Nation! • Weightlifting can be a tricky topic to learn, but if we’re all using the same vocabulary, it suddenly becomes much easier to talk about. Our friends at Keep Pulling break it down nice and simple. • Thoracic pain is something you don’t “get” until you literally get it– the unmistakable feel like… Read more »

Five Bullet Friday 180622

Five Bullet Friday 180427 crossfit 9 st pete fl

“It’s really hard to hate someone for being different when you’re too busy laughing together.” ― George Takei Happy St. Pete Pride weekend, friends! LISTEN: We’re all about calming monkey brain. You know what we mean. That crazy, disorganized, reactive, primal feeling we’re all prone to when things are busy and stressful. That’s why we’re… Read more »