Jason’s Daily WOD Habit Keeps the Doctor Away

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Jason Stewman has the consistency formula down pat, and it’s paying off in multiple ways! Jason, 43, is a long-term health care coordinator. A few years ago he began to find himself bored and lonely in his workouts. “Before CrossFit, I started running 5Ks, and was running 3 to 5 times a week….but it started getting… Read more »

CF9 Stories: Beyond “Before and After” with Molly

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Yes, there are great “before and after” photos involved, but Molly Pritchard’s story is much more than that. As warm and inviting as the Sunshine City itself, Molly is a human sunbeam. Anyone at CrossFit9 will tell you Molly is a tireless cheerleader for her teammates, finder of endless positivity, and just really, genuinely sweet. You’d… Read more »

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CrossFit9 – WOD Skill Metcon (Weight) 12 Minutes EMOM: ODD: 5 Front Squat EVEN: 10 Burpees Over Bar L1: Goblet Squat L2: 135/95+ L2: 185/125 Metcon Metcon (Time) 27*21*15*9* Kettlebell Swing Box Jump *30 Double Under (L1: 20 attempts) L1: B/P L2: G/Y