CF9 Stories: Jenn Tried Everything Before Finding CrossFit9

We recently said “see you later” to our dear friends and members, Jenn & Bobby. As the couple takes on their next great adventure in Colorado, we wanted to take a moment to recognize how far they both came during their time at CrossFit9.

By the time Jenn Kominsky found CrossFit9 in August 2017, she had tried everything. We mean everything. From spin class to Orange Theory to Pure Barre, hot yoga and your regular globo gym, she’d done it all.

Nothing stuck. The 32-year-old Tampa native and digital media project manager was running out of options, tired of not seeing results and even going backwards at times.

In today’s fitness industry, sometimes it’s hard to know which way is up. As consumers, we’re bombarded with misinformation, pyramid health schemes, and junk science. Jenn’s venture into CrossFit was meant to pull herself out of a vicious cycle of fad fitness trends and crash diets, to gain confidence and feel good in her own body.

“I have suffered from body image issues pretty much my entire life,” Jenn says, “and I have tried every “diet” out there (I was even on a completely raw diet for 7 months!)”

It wasn’t until Jenn found CrossFit that things started to turn around.

“Joining CF9 was by far, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Jenn came in to CrossFit9 unsure of what to expect, “I’m not going to lie, I was pretty intimidated when I decided to actually check it out. I had never touched a barbell before except for a few squats at the big box gym in the past and all I knew of CrossFit was what I’d seen on TV.”
But it wasn’t long before she knew she had found her niche, Jenn says. “Even though I’m not one to publicly share my fitness endeavors, I found myself telling my friends, family, coworkers about CF9 and how I was pretty sure that in order to join you had to be ‘the nicest human ever.'”
“Everyone is so friendly and encouraging so it’s difficult to NOT make healthier choices and changes in my life outside of the gym.”

Since their first days in the box, Jenn & Bobby have been tried-and-true evening 9’ers, and their consistency paid off. Jenn says she’s seen serious changes.

“There are SO many things that I see improvement on every. Single. Day. My favorite things I’ve been able to do are 1. Graduate from 20 lbs. kettlebells to 35 lbs. ones…  2. 24” box jump (I had never even seen a box jump before starting!)…. 3. And a couple of strength feats from very recently – a 175 lbs. sumo deadlift and a REAL PUSH UP!”

Changes in performance are just one set of the results Jenn has seen, “My diet was never terrible but it has absolutely improved (no one wants to workout hungover!) and I find myself making more conscious and informed choices because I don’t want to erase the hard work I’ve put in at the gym. My relationships are better, my focus at work has improved and I am generally just a happier human being.”

Jenn’s advice to newbies in those same shoes? “Even if you feel like you won’t be able to do a single thing (which isn’t ever true), give it a shot. The coaches are wonderful, the community is the incredibly welcoming and the atmosphere makes you want to come back for more. If I can do it, anyone can.”

And it’s true. Jenn’s been bubbly and kind since day one, but there’s a new brightness in her – a confidence that wasn’t there before. We’re so proud to have been a part of her journey, and have her as a permanent member of #9Nation. Best of luck in Colorado, Jenn & Bobby! See you later.

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