Beaumont, Texas



Gabe is Texas born and Florida raised, a fact easily recognizable upon meeting him. Outside of the CrossFit box, you’d be hard-pressed to find this beach kid wearing shoes at all, and his redneck hippie vibe shines through in the best of ways. Gabe’s fitness journey started when he was in his teens. Growing up playing lacrosse, Gabe was prone to knee injuries and racked up two major surgeries by the time he was 15.

Gabe found weight training as a way to improve his physical fitness and rehab his injuries simultaneously. Gabe basically grew up in the gym. At 16, he started working at a local gym on the beach and he eventually got his PT certification at 18. Gabe developed an interest in functional fitness and joined CrossFit9 in 2016. It was here that he fell in love with CrossFit’s methodology and even more in love with the atmosphere and community at CF9.

Now, you can catch him laying down some serious knowledge for his athletes in class and personal training settings, and helping athletes get out of fad diet cycles and into long term nutritional success with sustainable, realistic nutrition coaching.

Every coach is “the” coach for someone or something. What’s your jam?

“I’m the nutrition nerd that likes to take a realistic approach to they way we fuel ourselves. I also enjoy coaching athletes who need help working through injuries and staying motivated in the process.”

What kind of music can your class attendees expect you to spin?

“Rock – lots of rock.”

What topics do you geek out on?

“I enjoy pistol and rifle competitions. I like to read niche journal articles about nutrition, and books pertaining to overlooked aspects of fitness — like breathing. I also enjoy spending time at the beach and on the water.”

Play Local Tour Guide! Where to?

“Boardwalk Grill in Johns Pass, Pass-a-Grille beach, and 3 Daughters Brewery.”

We know you’ve got pets. Who are they?

“I have 2 fur children. One is a female Redbone Hound dog named Lilly. The other is a male Russian Blue Cat named Earl. Yes his name is Earl. No, I did not name him that.”

Secret talents?

“I’m a damn good cook.”

Favorite local spot to eat?

“Agave in St. Pete Beach.”

At a party, where can you be found?

“Shot-gunnin’ beers on the dock… Just kiddin’ (kinda) but really I like to bounce around and socialize with all my people!”


CrossFit Level 3

ACE Personal Trainer

WAG Nutrition coach

TRX Suspension Certified



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