For Jacqueline, there’s no better feeling in the world than helping someone to get that “first” – whether it’s a rope climb, a push-up, or a new one rep max on a deadlift. She loves helping people achieve things they never thought possible.”

After years of long-distance running, Jacqueline was on the hunt for a quality cross-training experience when she found CrossFit9. Turns out 41 is exactly the right age to learn about barbells, kettlebells, and handstands. Now a lot closer to 50 than 40, Jacqueline is stronger than she’s ever been, in spite of (and maybe even because of) a chronic back condition, and thanks to CrossFit.

Jacqueline loves helping athletes of all ages find out what they’re really capable of. She believes that no accomplishment is too small to celebrate, and knows that a well-timed high-five can make all the difference in a workout.



Toronto, ON (Canada)



Every coach is “the” coach for someone or something. What’s your jam?

“I’m all about finding the perfect modification to challenge you and make you stronger.”

What kind of music can your class attendees expect you to spin?

“Everything that I like, all mixed into one awesome, eclectic playlist.”

Play local tour guide! Where to, coach?

“Croissants and coffee from Cassis, then a stroll around the Pier. Hop on some scooters to grab lunch at Casita Taqueria, followed by an afternoon mural tour. Dinner at The Library, and then take in an art show in the Warehouse Arts District. Nightcap at the Canopy.”

What topics do you geek out on?

I am into crosswords, British detective shows, and all things Canadian. I love Louise Penny’s novels, and I will read anything Margaret Atwood chooses to write. I am binge-watching Schitt’s Creek for the 3rd time and I will never not watch Long Time Running.

At a party, where can you be found?

“Having a deep conversation with one or two people, over a glass of wine.”

Tell us about your family

I am a great aunt – figuratively and literally. Proud to be called Auntie Jacq by two nieces, four nephews, two great-nieces, and three kinda-sorta grandchildren (it’s complicated).


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