Where are you from?

“I was born in Iowa.”

Spill it, Jess! Favorite place to eat?

“El Cap! Nothing like a good ole cheeseburger.”


“My boy Guinness! Life is so much better with a dog!”

What’s your favorite thing about CrossFit9?

“I always feel like I’m working out with family. Everyone is so supportive of each other during every workout, every day. Everyone is excited to see people succeed.”

Why coach here?

“To share my passion for Olympic Weightlifting and be everyone’s biggest cheerleader!”


Born in the midwest, Jessica is a Florida girl at heart, living in the Sunshine State since she was four. As a teen, Jessica played volleyball and softball. After high school, she tried to find a fitness routine but repeatedly found herself bored. After years of trying several globo gyms and a variety of bootcamps, she stumbled on CrossFit and has not looked back since.

CrossFit connected Jess with her other passion: Olympic Weightlifting. Jess joined our staff to bring her knowledge and sunny disposition to our Beginner Barbell program. She’s here to prove barbells aren’t scary, they’re fun!


USA Weightlifting Level 1

CrossFit Level 1


(Mural by Zulu Painter)