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Sometimes the road to CrossFit is a winding one. As a kid, Coach Joseph Gay wouldn’t have described himself as an athlete, but growing up on a farm in Northern Minnesota certainly kept him active. His college years brought fitness through creative expression – specifically dance, which later translated to a love of aerial. Joseph started lifting weights as well, but never quite felt like a “traditional” gym setting was for him. In grad school, he took up rock climbing, spinning, and swimming, but it wasn’t until the COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020 that he found himself in a mental and physical place to really give CrossFit a try.

“I found solace in CF9s Instagram page,” Joseph said. At the time, CrossFit9 was posting daily at-home workouts to keep members fit while gyms all over the country were closed. “I was always unreasonably anti-Crossfit, but while I was stuck in a 10×10 New York apartment, I discovered that fitness and health could help me mentally. I created a fitness regiment to stay sane.”

When Joseph moved to Florida for work (you might catch him on stage or behind the scenes at St.Pete’s own freeFall theatre), he decided to come to CF9 in person, and have found the community, sport, and variation he craved.

Based on his own experiences, Joseph approaches fitness from an overall wellness perspective. “I love helping people improve themselves not only physically, but mentally and emotionally,” he said.

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At a party, where can you be found?

Hanging out with whatever animal is at the party. (Honestly, same.)

Joseph’s Local Tour Guide List

The Floridian, Craft Kafe, head down to the pier, The Dali Museum, and freeFall Theatre . . . . where you might see someone familiar 😉

Education + Certification

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Bachelors and Masters degrees in Acting.

Fun fact: Joseph is also certified in hand to hand and rapier/dagger stage combat.

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