Tappan, NY

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Michael In His Own Words

Every coach is “the” coach for someone or something. What’s your jam?

Powerlifting! I focus on how to brace through a lift and achieve full extension.

Tell us about your fitness journey!

I grew up a baseball player and played baseball at Pace University in Pleasantville, NY. Once I graduated, I was looking for something different. I tried CrossFit and loved all the different skills to learn, like Olympic lifting and gymnastics movements. Today, I continue to push myself to be the best athlete I can be and help others reach their goals along the way.

What’s on your go-to class playlists?

Throwbacks all day, every day!

Let’s play local tour guide! If someone has 24 hours in St. Pete, where are you sending them?

Fort De Soto, any spot on Beach Drive, and Grand Central Brewhouse.

At a party, where can you be found?

Hanging out with the house dog (and conspiring a plan to take the dog home without getting caught).

What topics do you geek out on?

You can find me on the golf course if I’m not at the gym. Off the course, I love learning about nutrition or listening to the Bare Performance Podcast.