Ithaca, New York

Why CrossFit9?

“I love the community and the camaraderie. Everyone is always pushing each other to be better.”

Favorite local food spot?

“I love food and can’t give a favorite, maybe a favorite by cuisine! St. Pete has an incredible locally-owned food scene.”

What do you want athletes to know about you?

“I am intense in the gym. It is because I expect a lot of myself and my athletes. I always want to push athletes to accomplish their goals inside and outside of the gym.”

How he got to CrossFit9

Mike has a long history in sports, and that led him to strength and conditioning early on. He originally came to CrossFit9 having specialized in powerlifting. But pretty soon we lured him into WODs and Mike realized he could keep his impressive strength while also improving other aspects of his fitness. (Don’t worry folks, his gainz are still intact.)

Mike’s powerlifting knowledge does not go to waste. As strong an athlete as he is, he’s an even better teacher. His powerlifting workshops get rave reviews, so be sure to sign up fast when they happen!



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