Clearwater, Fla.

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In an industry dominated by male voices, CrossFit9 Coach Taylor Warren is a breath of fresh air for women finding their way to the gym. If you want to build a strong foundation for a lifetime of fitness, Taylor is here to help.


Taylor accepts No-Sweat Intros, 5 Weeks to Fit, and Personal Training. Schedule here!

Taylor In Her Own Words

Every coach is “the” coach for someone or something. What’s your jam?

I want to help everyone feel comfortable and confident with a barbell in their hands!

Tell us about your fitness journey!

For years I was too afraid to go to a gym by myself, but I knew I needed to incorporate fitness into my life. I signed up with a box in Nashville in 2017 and never looked back! I quickly fell in love with the barbell, lifting heavy, and continuously challenging myself. I moved back to Florida a few years ago and landed at CrossFit9. I couldn’t ask for a better, friendlier, or more encouraging community. I’ve become the most healthy and confident version of myself with my CrossFit9 family by my side.

What’s on your go-to class playlists?

My workouts are fueled by 2000s club jams, 2010s pop punk, and Megan Thee Stallion.

Let’s play local tour guide! If someone has 24 hours in St. Pete, where are you sending them?

I’m sending them on the food tour of St. Pete to my favorite restaurants and shops downtown, especially the Edge District. End the night with dinner and frozen drinks at Paul’s Landing at the Vinoy, then enjoy the sunset on the new Pier!

At a party, where can you be found?

Hopping around the room to chat with everyone! Or if a dog is there, that’s where you find me.

What topics do you geek out on?

Outside the gym, I’m taking care of my 150+ houseplants, listening to True Crime podcasts, or watching horror and Disney movies! I also enjoy rewatching my favorite shows, Schitt’s Creek and Brooklyn 99.

And your family?

My husband, Will, is the most creative and imaginative person I’ve ever met! He loves art, computer programming and coding, skateboarding, gaming, and making music. We have 4 adorable fur kids – a rescue pitbull named Onyx and 3 cats named Arya, Stormy, and Pumpkin.

Any charitable / volunteer causes close to your heart? Tell us about it!

Anything related to animals! I also am a huge advocate for my LGBTQ+ community and cannot wait to get more involved in their local causes.

You embody the spirit of what it means to be a 9’er. Tell us how that has shaped your work with others.

I hope to provide the CrossFit9 community the same love, encouragement, and support that the members and fellow coaches have given me since I started. I can’t wait to keep showing up for you and growing with you!

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