CrossFit WOD – Fri, Mar 10

CrossFit9 – CrossFit WOD

Muscle-up Practice (No Measure)

Banded low ring transitions (AKA slingshot):

Banded low ring ring muscle ups:

Strict Banded low ring MU:

Feet assisted:

Low ring Y pull + Transition :

One thing to note is the shoulder mobility of your athlete might be limited, thus forcing them to pull higher because their ‘bottom’ of the ring dip is not as deep as a mobile athlete.

Intermediate scaling:

Low ring assisted MU:

Workout (Checkmark)

Every Minute (20:00)

Minute 1 – 15 Russian KB swings

Minute 2 – 4 Deadlifts

Minute 3 – 8 x 25ft Shuttle Run** (parking lot)

Minute 4 – 10 Ring dips

Target time each minute: Sub 30 seconds

Time cap each minute: 45 seconds

L1: 95/65

L2: 225/155

L3: 255/185; 3/2 Ring muscle-ups
**In case of rain or if unable to run, sub shuttle run for 8/6 calorie echo bike

Mobility (No Measure)

1 min seal pose

1 min bicep stretch on wall

1 min tricep lacrosse ball smash (each side)

Skills and Drills (Checkmark)

Accumulate 3:00 (total):

-Dead Hang from Pull-Up Bar (Pronated grip)

*Break up as needed; Scale time down if athletes can not hold longer than 20 seconds or sub-farmer carry hold instead.