Danielle’s CrossFit9 Story

It’s been almost 3 years since I stepped through the doors of CrossFit9.

I was looking for a change. At that point in my life I was a shy, way-too-skinny girl with asthma, used to sprinting on a treadmill and doing supersets on non-functional machines at a local gym. I had fallen into the trap of worrying what the number on the scale showed and what size Express jeans I could fit in.

I remember being so intimated when I walked into CrossFit9 for the very first time. There were barbells flying, extremely fit people working out half naked doing some sort of upside down push-up. I felt completely in over my head until I realized I would be starting a class with 6 or 7 other people who looked just as scared as me.

From the first foundations class on I fell in love. As the months went on I started to become more confident in what I could do in the gym as well as outside of it. Who would have thought that throwing around heavy weight would give me courage and confidence, and the ability to apply that to my own practice as a physician assistant.

I think what I am most grateful about CrossFit9 is the community —  or should I say my second family. There is something about pouring your heart and soul into a workout and looking over and seeing someone struggle just as much as you or cheering you on. It really is true that the last person to finish a WOD gets the loudest cheers. I never thought that warehouse would be my home away from home.

This environment, the coaches, the members, has lit a fire inside of me and I am making goals and doing things I never thought I would do. One word: muscle-up.

That’s not the end though! I want to hit a 150 lbs. clean and jerk. The journey never ends. CrossFit and my family at CrossFit9 have pushed me to be better in so many facets of life. For that I’ll continue to drink the “kool-aid”. Cheers!

Danielle Yuftzack

Age 28

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