Deb F.

Age: 57

Fitness background:  Marathons, Tae Kwon Do, Black Cat Kenpo.  Prior to joining CF9, I was a member of the Tampa Bay Dragon Boat Team and competed with the Blade Runners, until a car accident forced me to stop paddling.  At the end of my rehab I started doing boot camps and TRX training for my left shoulder.  A family friend recommended that I try CF, and though it’s difficult I just love it and all the challenges it brings!  I’m so happy I dropped by one day to check it out and talk with Steve, it’s the best!

How long have you been CF’ing? 4 months

Least favorite WOD/exercise? Surprise!  I hate burpees!

Favorite WOD/ exercies?  I don’t have favorite WOD, but I would say Filthy Fifty because of all the variety it offers.

What keeps you coming back to CF9?  I keep coming back for the different daily challenges and all the wonderful people and trainers.  I love that given that we all have different levels of strengths and weaknesses and at various ages, everyone is always encouraging one another, it makes it a wonderful place to come back to!

Occupation: Executive Administrative Assistant at a law firm

Hometown: Republic of Panama, Balboa- Central America

Favorite sports teams: The New York Yankees (the pinstripes run deep in my blood, as I’ve been a Yankees fan since I was 10 years old), New York Giants, and the Tampa Bay Lightning (though I still have a sweet spot in my heart for the New Jersey Devils).

Favorite cheat food?: New York-style pizza and any homemade breads with butter!  I could eat an entire loaf on my own… very dangerous!

What do you do in your free time? I love sports, so attending any type of sporting events, mostly baseball, as it’s my passion.  I also enjoy going to concerts, movies, and just being outside!

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? The Greek Isles and Belgium (for the beer… the Monks make the best, lol).

Favorite quote: “Life is about experiencing all the things you find interesting and fascinating.  Just get out there and experience as much as you can.  Participate in life.” — Louie Zamperini

3-month CF goal: Continue working hard, and one day be able to do unassisted pull-ups.