Introducing ELEMENTS

This funky-flowy class will challenge you to be present in the moment.

This class includes:

  • Breathwork for performance, relaxation, and more
  • Unconventional strength implements (steel maces, Indian clubs, kettlebells, battleropes)
  • Bodyweight flows
  • A slow-burn pace that will leave you pleasantly toasted, mobilized, and sweaty
crossfit9 elements steel indian clubs

choose your pass

ELEMENTS is an add-on service.

That means you can purchase a 10-session pass at $120 whether or not you are a member at CrossFit9.

ELEMENTS passes expire after 6 months, so be sure to attend often! This pass does not renew automatically.

single session- current member

15.00 per session

    • Current CrossFit9 members
    • Step 1: purchase your session here.
    • Step 2: Reserve your spot in class in Wodify.


Single session – nonmember

20.00 per session

    • Reservation made at time of purchase.
    • All sales final. No transfers or credits towards future classes if unused.


10 Session pass


    • Expires 6 months after purchase. All sales final.
    • Please see reservation details below.



Sunday // 10:15 AM

Main Room


ELEMENTS  classes are capped at 12 atheletes, so call dibs by reserving your spot in Wodify.

Please note: Reservations open 72 hours ahead of class start time and close 10 hours ahead of class time. If the slots are all filled up, no sweat! Jump onto the waitlist to get a heads up if someone ahead of you cancels.

Late Cancellations

Cancellations within 10 hours of the start of class will be marked as late cancellations and a session deducted from the pass. Sorry, we cannot accommodate transfers, refunds, or credits towards future classes.