Fit For What Podcast Ep. 10 Quarantine Mehs: How to Get Going When You Don’t Want To

Feeling just... meh?

First: Know you're not alone!

Second: You have the power to do something about it.

In Fit For What Episode 10, Coaches Megan Holmes and Lindsay Alvestad chat about what to do if your workout mojo is MIA, and why you shouldn't just throw in the towel and wait for the gym to open.

They share insights into their own training intentions and how they've managed to make some gainz from home.

As Gov. Ron DeSantis' strategy for reopening the Florida economy becomes clearer, we know that we're in this for at least a few more weeks. So let's make the best of it!


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00:10 – Introductions + What We Miss: Coaches Megan Holmes and Lindsay Alvestad

01:18 – Athlete check-ins, what we're hearing & giving yourself grace

02:05 – Things you can do to get moving

02:45 – Mindset reset: How to approach a workout with low to no motivation

03:30 – Coach Megan's easy tip for getting going

04:00 – Only got 10 minutes for a workout? Perfect.

05:20 – Stress + choosing your intensity wisely

06:25 – How Coach Lindsay is modifying her own workouts 

07:10 – How to use RPE (or rate of perceived exertion)

8:00 – Why heart rate isn't everything

8:45 – Using 9:30 specialty classes when your body isn't feeling a HIIT-style WOD

9:30 – Making a WOD date - and how that can help you stay motivated

11:26 - Setting an intention for your workout + considering the full picture

13:09 - CF9 At-Home Programming: Making it your own

14:45 - Use your coaches! Let them know how you're feeling + ask for help

16:04 - How Coach Megan is approaching her workouts + why she's following the gym's programming closely

17:15 - The process behind our CF9 At-Home Programming + how it sets itself apart

19:50 - What are odd objects, and how are people using them?

20:30 - O.G. CrossFitter Lindsay Alvestad takes us back to CrossFit's roots

21:50 - Don't get snotty about equipment access, this sport was born out of invention!

23:05 - Why staying active and working out at home is so important for getting back in the gym

23:45 - Quarantine gainz: tendon health, mobility, core strength

27:00 - Don't sleep on this accessory programming

28:40 - Outro: Come Zoom with us.