Fit for What Podcast Ep. 2: Making habits that move you towards your goals

CrossFit9 Coaches Dane Leavy and Lindsay Alvestad take a look at goals, and the habits that move us towards them.

Listen in on ways to cut back on noise, get focused, and access the information that will make your goals a reality.

Please note: Lindsay forgot to hit record on the camera, so no video version this week. (Sorry, guys! – Lindsay) 

Find show notes below.

Episode 2 Show Notes

Gym Announcements

00:43 – New sound system, painting, masonry, electrical work, AIR CONDITIONING, and televisions for a big upcoming announcement!

02:53 – Programming changes. New barbell club format. Introducing Active Recovery Care (ARC). New Monday 6:30 PM 9HIIT class.

07:50 – Upcoming Whole Life Challenge

Episode: Making habits that serve your goals

08:45 – Intro

10:53 – Say no to things that move you away from your goal.

Books mentioned: Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown. Deep Work by Cal Newport.

15:57 – No win/lose scenarios. Set goals where even if you fall a little short, you win.

19:00 – Invest. Hire a professional teacher, coach, mentor, or expert to help you move towards your goal.