Fit for What Podcast Ep. 3: All about the Whole Life Challenge

If your 2020 needs a healthy habit tune-up, then we highly recommend the Whole Life Challenge to get and stay on track.

This 6-week, gamified, holistic approach is one we whole-heartedly endorse at CrossFit9.  And we're doing it as a team, so you'll have a group to lean on for accountability and questions.

In today's Fit For What Podcast episode, Coaches Dane Leavy and Gabe Krepper discuss everything you need to know if you're curious about the Whole Life Challenge!

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Show Notes

00:13 – Announcements:

01:00 – What is the Whole Life Challenge, and the 7 Daily Habits of the WLC, WLC Rules

02:34 – Habit #1 - Exercise (10 minutes a day minimum)

03:33 – Habit #2 - Nutrition - Three difficulty options - Beginner, Lifestyle, Performance - How to choose which level is right for you. Check out the WLC compliant food list.

07:50 – Habit #3 - Mobilization/Stretching (10 minutes a day minimum), ROMWOD

10:39 – Habit #4 - Sleep - How to choose your sleep goal, Tips to meet your sleep goal, The Power List from Andy Frisella MFCEO Podcast, Article - What are blue light blocking glasses?

15:17 – Habit #5 - Hydration - Tips to increase your water intake throughout the day. This is a highly-recommended Yeti water bottle.

18:50 – Habit #6 - Well-Being - A new practice every week

20:07 – Habit #7 - Reflection - WLC website/app login

21:50 – Closing remarks and remaining questions - Start date (January 18th 2020),  Pre/Post WLC benchmarks to track progress


The price goes up soon, so get in as early as possible!