Fit for What Podcast Ep 4: How to make friends at the gym

It's one of the top reasons people gravitate towards group fitness: Wanting to meet other people. And when it comes to growing your social circle and networking, there's no better place to do it than CrossFit9.

We're famous for creating connections, and for good reason. Our member family (affectionately called #9Nation) is chock full of people who met their realtor in class, found their best friend in a partner WOD, or made a romantic match chatting between sets. (We even have several marriages and a few 9'er babies under our belt!)

But it's not so natural for everyone. It's easy to feel out of place, or run up against social overwhelm.

In our Fit for What Podcast Ep. 4, Coaches (and introverts) Dane Leavy and Lindsay Alvestad talk all about the tried-and-true ways to forge new friendships at St. Pete's friendliest gym.

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Show Notes

00:24 – Announcements:

CrossFit9 Grit Squad - Shout out to Vern M., Sue N., and Jordan T.

Active Recovery Care (A.R.C.) - New recovery programming available via Wodify

The Whole Life Challenge has started! Still time to join!

Ring Muscle-Up Workshop with Coach Dane Sat. Jan 25th at 10:30am

Pop-Up Yin Yoga Class Sat. Jan 25th 10:30am

06:20 – Introduction - How to make friends at the gym

Personality Types - Myers and Briggs Type Indicator

08:07 – Lindsay’s reflects on the typical big box gym scene

09:05 – Dane’s start at CF9

10:00 – Step 1: Choose the right gym. Gym culture. Invest in a good gym

12:25 – Step 2: Say hello first… 

13:47 – Brief reflection on the diversity of people that CrossFit9 has brought into our lives

15:45 – Step 3: Keep showing up. Be consistent. Grit Squad

18:10 – Story of Lindsay’s early days at the noon WOD 

19:47 – Step 4: Be vulnerable (appropriately...). Daring Greatly by Brene Brown 

21:47 – Step 5: Get outside of the gym. CF9 Social Events. CrossFit9 + 9HIIT Community Group (private group). Email us to request access!

23:25 – Recap

Books Mentioned in this episode:

Daring GreatlyBrene Brown