Fit For What Podcast Ep. 5: Should I Work Out When I’m Sick or Hungover?

We hear variations of this all the time:

"I think I might be coming down with something."

"I've been really sick but I feel a little better so I came to the gym."

"I was out late drinking, but I want to work off my hangover."

But what is the right answer? Should we be working out when we don't feel well, or tough it out?

For answers, host Dane Leavy interviews Coach Nick, who by day helps heal the sick as a registered nurse.


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00:15 – Introduction - Coach Nick (Registered Nurse)

00:40 – Health statistics - chronic diseases 

01:48 – Sickness, Wellness, Fitness Continuum explained in the CrossFit Level 1 Training Guide

05:20 – Flu season

06:57 – When is it ok to workout?

Symptoms from the neck up vs. neck down

07:10CF9 Travel WODS

07:26 – CF9 Active Recovery Care (A.R.C.) 

CF9 members can find these workouts in Wodify

08:25 – Neck down symptoms

09:41 – Working out while hungover... 

11:38 – Hydrating for a hangover

12:30 – Natural electrolytes packets that Coach Dane uses - Dr. Price’s Electrolyte mix

13:30 – Practices for avoiding getting sick

Dirty things that you may not realize...

20:38 – Flu shot or no flu shot?

What to think about when considering getting a flu shot

24:30 – Conclusion

Being proactive  - sickness, wellness, fitness