Fit For What Podcast Ep. 9 How To Get Great Home Workouts (Even Without Equipment)

Not a "home workout person"? Same, friend. After all, there's a reason we love to throw down in a warehouse gym as a big 9'er family!

It's easy to whine about not having enough equipment, dismiss home workouts as "too easy", or feel like you can't reach the desired intensity without the competitive drive of a class.

But with the coronavirus shutdown in full effect, now's the time to make do with what you have, and get creative with the rest.

Armed with these awesome tips from coaches Gabe Krepper and Dane Leavy, you might just surprise yourself by making some serious quarantine gains!

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00:10 – Introduction - Coaches Gabe Krepper, and Dane Leavy

01:10 – Revisit the basics of form and technique

01:40 – CrossFit Level 1 Course

02:40 – Technique Tuesday with Coach Chris Chambers (every Tuesday 9:30am LIVE via Zoom)

04:00 – The mind-muscle connection

06:32 – Using tempo and “feeling” each rep

07:54 – Maintaining health tendons and joints

08:45 – Static holds - Isometrics

08:53 – 9:30am specialty classes: MOBILITY Monday, TECHNIQUE Tuesday, WILD Wednesday, THOUGHTFUL Thursday

11:00 – Mobility Monday - active mobility work vs foam rolling

13:33 – Unilateral training - single arm/leg

15:30 – Gabe’s emphasis on single leg strength

17:35 - Fitness for the long haul - Kick ass into your 90’s!

19:10 - Conclusion - Change the way you train, give us feedback, Zoom classes, 9:30am specialty classes