Five Bullet Friday 171013

Meet “Five Bullet Friday”, the best thing to happen on Friday the 13th!

Several of our coaches are big Tim Ferriss podcast fans, so we took a page from one of his popular email segment. We’re launching a weekly breakdown of the things that caught our eye this week. Whether it’s a life/ fitness/ health hack, something cool we purchased, music we listened to, or recipes we just had to share, you’ll find it in our Five Bullet Friday series

•  How to Assault Bike Like the Pros – CrossFit Invictus, so you know it’s legit. (As in legitimately going to set your legs on fire!)

• Whether it’s gearing up for a PR or just getting yourself ready for bed, your breath can make or break your efforts. This super-simple box breathing tutorial by SEALFIT founder Mark Divine is the perfect place to start!

•  This mouthwatering Bacon Crust Breakfast Pizza. Bacon. Pizza. ‘Nuff said!

•  Flashback Friday: Reebok has re-released its beloved Nano 2.0!

•  HalloWOD is coming up fast! Don’t have a lot of time or money to blow on Halloween costumes? That’s fine– check out some easy costume ideas and get ready to werk it at the box!

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