Five Bullet Friday 180112

“The wellness and prevention market will outgrow the healthcare market.”
– Leroy Hood

Hope you’re staying warm during this St. Pete cold snap!

• So you’re not going to the CrossFit Games. So why do the Open in the first place? Glad you asked. (Psssst… registration just started this week!)

• Speaking of The Open, CrossFit Games Director Dave Castro dropped an ominous 2018 clue featuring a dumbbell and barbell on his Instagram account this week. Are we in for a repeat of last year’s dumbbell marathon? Best be safe and get proficient on these movements.

• Squats can be therapy, but do you need to rehab your squats in and of themselves? The CrossFit Journal has some great ideas to get you started.

• Masters athletes have a different game to play than their younger counterparts. Whether you’re already there, or headed there soon, here are some ways to stay in the game after 40.

• We were shocked – pleasantly – to see precut veggie noodles in stores as of late. But with the proper equipment, you can save a few bucks by busting out your own at home. Check out these top picks for spiralizers!

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