Five Bullet Friday 180209

The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.”


Ahhh… feel that? It’s Friday, #9Nation!

• What’s a person to do when National Pizza Day falls during the Whole Life Challenge? We’re celebrating with this dairy-free, cauliflower crust version. YUM.

• What makes CrossFit work where other programs fail? In a word: Intensity. If you are having trouble getting to the next gear, here’s how to get more giddyup!

• Looking for low-cost, travel-friendly pieces of fitness equipment? In addition to a great jump rope, we’ll always pack these sliders and ab wheels in our checked bag!

• A way of eating gets passed down from generation to generation, and tells a story along the way. In Coach Steven’s latest Nutrition AsRx blog post, he looks back on lessons handed down from his mother, and some new ones he’s passing on to his own family.

• There’s something even more important than knowing how to achieve your objectives. It’s WHY you want them in the first place. Here’s how to create the core values that will lead to breakthroughs in your health, wealth, and relationships.

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