Five Bullet Friday 181005

TGIF, #9Nation!

• Gym memberships, personal training, healthy foods, etc. These are investments in yourself, NOT expenses. The people at CrossFit Soul Miami lay it out nicely in their blog post "The Investment That Gives You The Biggest Pay-off". Remember, whether you are working a skill for CrossFit, or trying to be a little healthier, the coaches at CrossFit9 have your back!

• Our new ELEMENTS class is growing, and we want you to get in on all the benefits! Last week we gave you some reasons to train with the steel mace. Here are four benefits of training with steel clubs!

• Ben Bergeron's latest podcast for CrossFit New England: Don't Get Bamboozled By Big Food. Beware, this take on nutrition may ruffle a few feathers.

• Jocko Willink's new book dropped last week. "The Dichotomy of Leadership" is a follow up to his previous book "Extreme Ownership". Highly recommended by quite a few CF9 coaches. (No time to read? It's also good on audiobook!)

• Wondering what to tell your friend who is still convinced that diet soda is a health(ier) option? Share this read on how diet soda tricks your brain and makes you gain weight. Yikes!

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