Five Bullet Friday 181019

TGIF, #9Nation!

• Take a deep dive beyond getting fit, and ask yourself this: Fit For What? In Carl Paoli's latest (short) video series, he addresses the deeper meaning behind achieving fitness. Check out all ten (short ) episodes!

• Why do we keep digging when we're stuck in a hole? It's called The Scarcity Trap and it is quite common for our brains to trick us into falling for it. Become aware of it so it doesn't happen to you!

• We are in no short supply of digital planning methods, but sometimes it is better to fall back on the old method of physical (yes, paper) planners. Here are a few good options leading into the new year.

• Not your typical recipe. The Only Frittata Recipe You'll Ever Need has you covered with six different ways to mix it up for anytime of day (breakfast, lunch, or dinner).

Essential oils go far beyond relaxation, candles and day spas. Scientists are calling on these plant extracts for help against antibiotic-resistant bacteria!

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