Five Bullet Friday 181109

TGIF, #9Nation!

  • Groggy? Check out why your body hates Dalight Savings Time, and what you can do to fight back!
  • Eating: Why's it gotta be so hard? Check out these five things you can implement to be a more successful eater.
  • What is this funky barbell grip? Why do we do it? And how can we do it better? Find out here!
  • Hanging from a bar. So simple, even a monkey could do it! But this quick and easy movement actually has carry-over into our CrossFit Gymnastics work, and has other postural benefits!
  • Meditation. It's not just for woo-woo spiritual guru wannabes, friends! This article explains how and why you want to work some meditiation into your daily life.

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