Five Bullet Friday 181221

TGIF, #9Nation!

Becoming Is Better Than Being. "It’s not about pass/fail. It’s not about whether or how well you can do certain things. It’s about what you’re becoming by doing those things." Words of wisdom from CompTrain founder Ben Bergeron.

• Who says the holidays can't be paleo? Bring these Peppermint Hot Cocoa Bites to your next gathering. (Bonus: They're gluten-free and no-bake!)

• We all know breathing is kinda super important. But are you doing it optimally?  This article is a real eye-opener!

• We all know what a heart rate is, and generally, how our workouts affect it. But the next stat you'll want to know: Heart Rate Variability, and how it impacts recovery.

• This one is for all the dog lovers out there. Check out what the people at KetoPet are doing to help dogs with cancer. HINT: there is a nutrition focus!

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