Fourth of July 2019 Holiday Hours

#9Nation, we're OPEN for these special hours over the Fourth of July!

Wednesday, July 3rd:

  • Normally scheduled hours

Thursday, July 4th:

  • 9:00 AM Workout (all 9HIIT + CrossFit athletes)
  • 11:00 AM Workout (all 9HIIT + CrossFit athletes)

Friday, July 5th:

  • The 5:00 AM WOD is on an RSVP basis. If we do not have any reservations by 8:00 PM the night before, this class will auto-cancel.
  • Then back to a normal schedule

Don't forget about our Lbs. for Liberty Powerlifting Party Saturday, July 6th at 11:30 AM! We're gonna have a good time picking up heavy things and toasting to some good old-fashioned meathead fun!

Whether you're in the gym, at work, or in vacation mode, we wish you a safe and happy Independence Day. Thank you for giving us the freedom to do what we love: Serve you.

Visiting the Sunshine City?

Did you know: St. Pete averages 361 days of sunshine per year!

All that beautiful weather means we're #blessed to get lots of visiting athletes from all over the world. We hope you'll come join us, too!

We love treating you to an easy-breezy check-in, so please sign up online ahead of your visit.