We love to have your friends and family visit CrossFit9! Please respect the following rules to help us give your guests the best experience possible, while maintaining the experience of our current athletes.

Out-of-town Visitors

9HIIT: Athletes of any experience level are welcome to purchase a drop-in pass to our 9HIIT classes. We require all drop-in visitors to sign up online prior to their visit.

CrossFit WODs: We welcome all athletes with a minimum 3 months of consistent CrossFit-specific experience. Visiting athletes must purchase their drop-in pass online ahead of their visit.

Please bring your guest a few minutes ahead of class time to check in.

Prospective Athletes

• We ask all prospective athletes to undergo a free on-ramp consultation, available by appointment.
• Referral discount: You can gift $100 to your friend off their second invoice if they sign up for one of our monthly plans. (As a thank-you, you’ll receive $100 off your next month, too! Refer two friends in one month, and you'll get the next month free!)

Free Trial Class

Available to local athletes only.

• New athletes may test out a trial 9HIIT class! We ask prospective athletes to reserve their free class ahead of their visit.
• Sorry, for safety purposes, we cannot accomodate inexperienced CrossFitters in WODs.
• If your guest is an experienced CrossFitter, they may email info@crossfit9.com to arrange a free WOD or Open Gym session.