Introducing CF9 Run Club

#9Nation, it’s time for a little talk. A talk about fear.

Have you ever skipped a WOD out of fear? You might have been intimidated by the Rx weight, or the distance of the runs. You might have been afraid you’d finish last.

That fear is a natural byproduct of uncertainty. But we can take that fear, challenge it, and morph it into… excitement. Yes, excitement!

At CrossFit9 we are always trying to bring you new and exciting opportunities to #OwnYourStory and defeat your fears. So we’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our family: CF9 Run Club.

HELLO CF9 RunClub!

Run Club is for dream-tackling and goal crushing. It’s also an awesome way to meet new people and better your fitness.

Find yourself sucking air halfway through your 30 minute AMRAP? Run Club is for you.

Never run a 5k before? Run Club is for you.

Dreamed of going after a half marathon but find yourself huffing and puffing after mile 1? Run Club is for you.

Already a veteran runner, hitting daily mileage? Run Club can help you get faster and do it with a community.

What, When, Where, How?

We are here to set and tackle some big, hairy, audacious goals. How, you ask? With kickass programming and a community that supports you.

We’ll meet Sunday mornings at 9am for our runs. Most of them will start at CrossFit9, but we may change locations every couple of weeks to keep things interesting. We’ll always keep you updated via CrossFit9’s Facebook page.

Our expert endurance coaches will share tips, tricks, and training methods with you every week and create finishers for your CrossFit WODs throughout the week to keep you on track.

We’ll do it all with a long-term goal in mind. That goal is St. Pete Run Fest. In November, Run Fest will kick off it’s inaugural year with races varying in length from 5k to half marathon. And CF9 Run Club will be there, smashing fear, and finish lines – together.

Long story short, get your butt to Run Club. We could not be more ecstatic to get this off the ground. We’ll see you Sunday at 9am, #9Nation. What better way to #OwnYourStory?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Should I run out and buy running shoes now?

A: Unless you already know what you’re looking for – wait. We will talk about selecting the right shoes and where you can find them on our first day.

Q: Will running more help me be a better CrossFitter?

A: YES and MORE YES. Running can help amp up your cardiovascular fitness and keep you going during long and grueling WODs.

Q: What other gear do I need?

A: Gear requirements are little to none. A waterbottle, sunglasses, sunscreen (or a hat), and a running watch are all you really need.

Q: Do I have to choose between 9Fit and Run Club?

A: Heck no, that’s why we have an 8am 9Fit option. Feel free to hit up 9Fit and then Run Club after.

Q: Exactly how far are we going?

A: That depends and it will vary greatly depending on your current fitness levels and goals. Many of our runs will be time-limited rather than mileage-limited. (Don’t worry, we can tailor all of our runs to meet your needs!)

Q: Do I have to enter a race?

A: No way, José! Many of us will be entering St. Pete Run Fest but plenty will just use Run Club as a fun way to get in better shape and meet new people!

Q: My joints hurt when I run, is there anything you can do to fix that?

A: Absolutely. Achy joints can stem from a number of problems including issues with form, weaknesses in certain muscles, or simply the terrain you are running on. Talk to Coach Jacqueline or Coach Megan about how you could alleviate some of your specific issues.

Q: Who is teaching CF9 Run Club?

A: Coaches Jacqueline MacNeil and Megan Holmes (that’s me!) will co-teach Run Club. Combined, we have a couple decades’ worth of long distance running background, and we’re ready to  bring you a well-rounded program based on our experience.