Kickstart 2020 with a Whole Life Challenge!

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9er’s, the holidays are well upon us! 

With them comes all the food- and booze-filled festivities that can temporarily derail our goals, leave us feeling lethargic, and with little motivation to get back on track.

Getting back into a routine can be a difficult and often times grueling process to do on your own.

Fear not, CrossFit9 fam! I’m excited to announce we’ll be hosting a Whole Life Challenge to kickstart your New Year’s wellness routine. 

what to expect

The Whole Life Challenge begins January 18th and lasts for six weeks. Here are the highlights:

  • You'll focus on improving nutritional choices and staying hydrated to fuel your lifestyle in and out of the gym.
  • You'll work on exercising daily (at least 10 minutes), as well as stretching and mobilizing to keep your body functioning for the long haul.
  • You’ll aim for a consistent amount of sleep every night.
  • You’ll focus on your own well-being through weekly practices like meditation or gratitude, and reflect on the challenge day-by-day.

Want more details? Here's a more nuanced look at the Whole Life Challenge 7 daily habits.

Join our Team!

It's $59 for the challenge, an incredible value considering you'll also have the personal accountability of CrossFit9 coaches and teammates!

Team name: CrossFit9. For members, plus family, and friends.

As we get closer to the start date we’ll go over rules and set up times to complete preliminary measurements.

Reserve your spot ahead of Jan. 18!

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