Kristin’s CrossFit9 Story

Today marks workout #100! Today I have reached my goal.

“I’ve always been a pretty motivated person. I tend to sets goals and accomplish them. But I have to say that working out has never been one of my strong suits. I danced growing up, and I always liked sports, but I somehow managed to be the girl that always got hurt.

I was originally introduced to CrossFit in Alabama during pharmacy school, and I always felt drawn to the community it provided. As a busy pharmacy student, I didn’t have the time to really commit to it.

Now let’s fast forward two years.

Pharmacy school was over, my residency was done, and I had settled into my career- but something was missing. I was feeling tired both physically and mentally. Sometimes I felt ready for bed as early as 6pm.

I knew it was time to make a change. I talked to a friend of mine and we made a pact to complete 100 workouts in 5 months. At the time, this felt crazy. I had taken a long hiatus from working out and I was a little scared about getting back into it.

Fortunately, in my search for the right place to complete this goal, I came across CrossFit9.

When I walked in for the first time, I was immediately greeted by Coach Zack – who I should mention has more energy than anyone I know – and he showed me around the box, cracked a couple of jokes, and made me feel comfortable.

Then, I completed my first WOD since pharmacy school.


To say that coming off of a two year hiatus was rough is definitely an understatement, but I found myself wanting more! I joined that day and I haven’t looked back since.

I’ve been CrossFitting for almost 4 months now. I still have a lot of work to do, but the changes I’ve seen so far have been incredible.

I’ve proudly conquered handstand push-ups, rope climbs, and my own daily routine. I have so much more energy – no more 6pm bedtimes! I’ve seen a change in my own motivation, I’m constantly pushing myself to be better than I was yesterday, and I even feel guilty when I miss a workout… Who is this person!?

I’m also a part of an amazing community- there are not enough great things I could say about each coach and my fellow 9ers  – they are awesome! They push you past the limits you set for yourself both physically and mentally, and there is no greater feeling than conquering those limits!

Although my challenge has ended now officially ended at day 100, I have no plans of quitting. CrossFit has become a part of my life, my routine, and my good habits. There’s no way I’m finished yet, I’m just getting started!”

-Kristin Tribiano