March Challenge: Our spin on March Madness

We've all heard of March Madness. It's that time of year when college basketball dominates friendship circles. Thousands of people pick winners, fill out brackets, and watch games together. The best of those games come down to one thing - that final minute.

In that final minute - a minute that often feels endless (let's be honest, sometimes it is endless) - the hype is real. Friendships are tested, and bragging rights are won or lost.

At CrossFit9, we're making our own March Madness. For bragging rights, but also for prizes. For the final minute of each class, we'll have one last sprint. Every day for the month of March, you'll have that final 60 seconds to complete AMRAP burpees. As many burpees as possible - high energy, high intensity, high reward.

We'll turn the music up and get down for that final minute. At the end of the month, we're betting you'll see major improvements in your burpees and your sprint capacity.

(Here are the gritty scoring details!) You'll record the number of burpees you get each day, as often as you come to the gym - or video yourself doing the minute challenge and tag us on social. (Burpees not completed at in that final minute or in video will not be counted!) At the end of the month, the athlete with the most burpees will be the winner of gift card to our favorite local neighbor, Bandit coffee.