Meet Coach Kyle

2020 brought us many things ranging from "meh" to "oh hell no". But one of the great things to emerge from the shutdown earlier this year: It brought us our newest full-time coach, Kyle Radune!

While some of you have met Kyle in class, you might not know the depth of knowledge he brings to our team, nor his inspiring background story. He's much more than a friendly face!

This week Coach Dane sits down with Kyle to talk about how he crash landed at CrossFit9, how he can help our 9'ers, and how his own fitness journey led him to lose more than 90 lbs. (NOT a typo!)


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00:10 - Introductions Coach Dane and Coach Kyle

01:40 - Kyle's Background

03:45 - Finding CrossFit9 and his intro consultation

07:10 - Sunday Gymnastics class with Coach Dane

08:40 - The Level 1 CrossFit Course

09:30 - Starting to work and train in the St. Pete area

12:00 - Kyle's training style for clients

13:00 - Pre/Post surgery training and pregnant athletes

15:00 - Other certifications; Nutrition - Kyle's journey with weight loss

16:20 - Powerlifting, Weightlifting, CrossFit

20:00 - Kyle's calves... Bodybuilding

22:25 - Body adaptations based on your background

25:00 - Football and offensive lineman

26:10 - Nutrition is the foundation - CF9 Nutrition Program with Gabe and Kyle