Movement Tip Monday: Add “Umph” to your Squat

More squatting power: Words that will perk up the ears of even the most seasoned lifters!

You’re in luck. This fix can be used now. Yes, seriously. RIGHT MEOW. Get out of your chair and let’s do some air squats.

It goes without saying, start by following basic squatting best practices. Go for ten reps.

Now let’s add some external rotation. Here’s how:

  1. “Screw” your feet into the floor– you’re starting already!
  2. Visualize standing on a towel with some slack in it.
  3. “Spread” the imaginary towel as you descend into your squat. (Clearly, your feet are not actually going to move. But the result is external rotation of your femurs.)
  4. As you reach depth and begin to stand, spread the floor even more!

Retest with another 10 reps. This should feel far more powerful, with better recruitment of your hamstrings and glutes.

Go on and apply to ALL of your squats. Happy lifting!

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