Movement Tip Monday: Quick Ankle Fix

Mobility’s the word this Monday, #9Nation!

Fun fact: Your ankle is actually comprised of three joints –The talocrural joint, the subtalar joint, and the inferior tibiofibular joint. Together, these three amigos are responsible for allowing plantar flexion (pointing your foot like a ballerina) and dorsiflexion (pulling your toes towards your shins).

It’s lack of dorsiflexion that usually catches our eye as coaches. and we often see it during a squatting movement. It gets particularly tricky to hide during front squats and overhead squats. It’s super common for us to tell people they have “tight ankles”. Here’s what we see: The athlete can’t keep her heels on the floor during a squat. Shaky knees, sometimes caving in. He’s unable to squat past parallel with the chest up and heels on the floor.

Coach Megan is not new to the Tight Ankle Club, but she’s in recovery! Her squat depth has improved immensely over the past couple of years thanks to consistent work on her mobility. Today she shares her favorite ankle stretch, a flexing variation of a banded ankle distraction.

You’ll need:

  • A low box (8″-12″)
  • A PVC pipe for balance
  • A resistance band (around 1″–2″ thick)

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