On the News: Fees Waived for Members Impacted by Federal Shutdown

CrossFit9 is waiving fees for members who are federal government workers whose pay is affected by the current government shutdown. We're committed to doing so for the entirety of the shutdown.

We emailed our members earlier this week to let them know, and we're thrilled at the community's response. Not only are 9'ers donating to help those affected (see below!), other businesses in the area have reached out to tell us they're so inspired, they're doing the same thing.

Spectrum Bay News 9 caught wind, and they asked to include us in their latest story on the local response to the shutdown.

Want to Help?

CrossFit9 and 9HIIT members are donating gift cards for necessities like groceries.

If you'd like to donate, please drop your gift cards in the fish bowl on the office desk. We'll make sure they get to affected members.

Affected by the Shutdown?

If you're a member whose pay is currently affected by the federal government shutdown, please reach out to us via email.