Russell’s Dramatic Fat Loss Transformation

“Slow and steady wins the race.”

We’ve heard this maxim over and over. But with powerful marketing telling us otherwise, it’s easy to come to believe there’s a shortcut to losing a lot of fat and keeping it off.

That’s just not true. And deep down, we know it.

Russell came to CrossFit9 in May 2016, overweight and unhappy with how he looked and felt. He knew it was going to take hard work to move the scale. Russ put his nose down and got to work, becoming known as one of our most consistent 9’ers, ready to change his health for the long haul.

And the pictures prove it.

There’s a 75-lbs. difference between the first photo and the last one. Russell participated in Coach Steve‘s Eat Like a Predator Challenge, dropping 20 lbs. in the process. He furthered his progress in our team Whole Life Challenge. (Psssst…. we’re doing it again January 20 as a team. Join us here for early bird pricing!)

Q: What made you want to lose weight?
A: I saw a person in a mirror that I no longer recognized. I asked myself, Where did Russell go? This was the heaviest I have ever been in my life and the weight was dragging me physically and mentally down. I wanted to be better than the stranger in the mirror. I wanted me to come back.

crossfit9 st pete fl russ heady weight loss transformation

Russ tackling the CrossFit Games Open 17.1

Q: What habits got you to your heaviest?
A: Not holding myself accountable to my goals and a lack of discipline.

Q: What changes did you make?
A: I maintained a good workout schedule and stuck to it. I changed my eating habits and eating schedule.

crossfit9 st pete fl russ heady weight loss transformation

Russell takes off during Memorial Day “Murph”

Q: How did you find your way to CrossFit9?
A: After researching CrossFit, I began searching for boxes around my area. I had a list of websites which CF9 had the best-looking website. So I submitted my info and that was it for me.

Q: How did it change things for you?
A: The biggest change was there isn’t a stranger in my mirror anymore. Most of all, I get catcalls from the ladies at work. 😎

crossfit9 st pete fl russ heady weight loss transformation

During a recent Saturday morning partner WOD

Q: How do you feel now?
A: I feel great! I have more energy and my joints hurt less (I know I sound like an infomercial but it’s true!).

Q: Future goals?
A: Eat all the lasagnas in the world! On a serious note, I’m working on my upper body strength and some core, so I’m able to do movements that require it.

crossfit9 st pete fl russ heady weight loss transformation

Russell’s cheering squad of Akitas outside of CrossFit9