The January Hustle starts NOW.

We all know the statistics. Eighty percent of New Years Resolutions fail before the month is even over.

Maybe it’s day three and you’ve already slipped up. It’s okay!

We also know that the best way to keep your resolution, see results, and make change happen is to commit to consistency. That’s why the January challenge starts now.

Maybe you’ve just dipped your toe in at CrossFit9. Maybe you’ve shown up once or twice a week for a few months... or even a few years.

This month we’re asking you to up your game. If you’ve been coming 2x per week, let’s make it 3. If it’s been 3x per week, push for 4 or 5.

Make change happen!

Here's how:

Step 1: Get to the gym.

Step 2: Fill out your Hustle card with your name, goal number of classes per week, and your WHY.

january_hustle (1)

Step 3: Post it the wall next to the cubbies (and on social media). That's called accountability! 🙂

Step 4: Every time you show up, fill in a bubble.

Step 5: Track progress with your WOD buddies and hold each other accountable - even if you can’t be there at the same class time.

Preaching what I practice and practicing what I preach:

Here's mine... my goal is to show up six times per week - and consistently take one day to rest and dedicate time to my other interests.

An example: Coach Megan's scorecard

Let’s get Hustlin’, 9Nation!