Time to rally, the next WLC is right around the corner

Hey you.

Yeah you, in the corner with the sugary coffee creamer you swore you’d give up in the new year.

I see you.

I see those late night pizzas.

I see you rushing out of the gym every morning to get to work without hitting up ROMWOD for those achy muscles.

I see the accidental extra glass of wine (or two) and the cookie (or dozen) that happened to show up in front of your face at 11pm.

I get it, I’m there too.

Summertime is rough in Florida. It’s hot. You just want AC and a cold beer. It can be tough to make yourself hit up a WOD. And if you’ve been busy like me, it’s easy to slide into complacency with meal prepping. It’s so easy to say you just don’t have time for yourself, you’ll just eat out again instead.

Maybe those gainz you had before the CrossFit Open are slowly turning into losses.

But you’re not alone – and we can get back on track – together.

The next Whole Life Challenge starts September 29. I’m doing it, #9Nation is in. You should be too.

The Whole Life Challenge is a chance to spend six weeks examining your habits and making better ones. I challenge you to take back control of your life. I challenge you to embrace discipline. I challenge you to get motivated.

During the Whole Life Challenge…

– You’ll pick a nutrition-level to kick those gainz back in gear.

– You’ll drink water, mobilize, and exercise every day.

– You’ll try getting your butt in bed on time – and getting a full night of much-needed beauty sleep.

– You’ll focus on your own well-being through weekly practices like meditation or gratitude, and reflect on the challenge day-by-day.

Click here to sign up for the fall challenge. As we get closer to the start date, we’ll set up teams, explain the rules, and get preliminary measurements together.

Believe me, it will be the most empowering $39 you’ve ever spent.

If you’re not convinced quite yet, check out these before and afters from last year’s WLC. They’re pretty convincing.