Top 3 Reasons CrossFitters Should Practice Yoga

1. Breath Control

CrossFitters have no problem throwing down on an intense, heart-pounding WOD. But even the most advanced athlete can forget about using breath control, and it’s the secret to taking your metcon game to the next level. The athlete with the focus to control breath and heart rate has a distinct advantage over others.

2. Mobilization

If you tend to skimp on mobilization, you’re far from alone. But the wear and tear of high intensity exercise coupled with everyday life can take its toll on your joints, connective tissues, and create muscular imbalances if you aren’t careful.

Uncomfortable in a front rack position, or on overhead lifts? Are your hips tight after a morning WOD of heavy thrusters, followed by eight hours of unbroken hunching over a keyboard? A 60- to 90-minute therapeutic yoga class can go a long way towards making your body feel new again. Your next WOD will thank you for it.

3. Balance

How is your tree pose doing these days? That’s what we thought.

CrossFitters are often accused of being mentally unbalanced, but we never want to be accused of having bad unilateral balance. (Single-side movements.) Slowing down for poses like eagle, dancer, and the aforementioned tree pose will pay off big time in the stability department. Next time pistols or lunges are on the white board, you’ll have a better grasp on the demands of the movement