Will Schantz’s CrossFit9 Story

“I was a pretty fit guy until I quit playing college tennis. That’s when my focus strayed from health and fitness. Most of my 20s were a mix of partying and minimal studying. CrossFitters would say I “scaled” my college experience… to just shy of a decade.

“My fiancee Rachael and I both graduated, and we looked for opportunities outside of Columbus, Ohio. In the meantime, we joined up at a Planet Fitness. I went some, ate some Tootsie Rolls, and really wasn’t doing much for myself in the way of fitness.

“When our opportunity to move to St. Pete came along, we jumped on it. Rachael started up at CrossFit9 before me, and I am super thankful she brought me into the box. My first WOD was a Saturday partner workout, and Lindsay invited me to join the class. It was my first real workout in quite a while, and afterwards I signed up for Foundations. The next few days were rough, as I hadn’t felt such soreness for a very long time.

“I am extremely grateful for the experience I have bad since coming to CrossFit9. It’s been almost a year since I started and I have already achieved things I couldn’t earlier in life. From here I only see CrossFit9 becoming an even bigger part of my life.

“All of us have a different backstory that brought us to CrossFit9, but it’s so inspiring to be in it together. For that I am eternally grateful and thankful.”

Will Schantz