Brooklyn, NY (“Before it was cool!”)



Chris got into fitness young, as a way to keep himself off the streets and out of trouble. That early dedication paid off, with Chris sprinting for Penn State, where he studied finance.

One look at Chris’s athletic frame might make you think he can’t relate to the average Joe, but that’s simply not true. He and wife Ja’Shayla (a professional singer) have demanding work schedules and an adorable son, Khari, keeping them on their toes at all times.

Chris has also stumbled in his fitness journey. Like the time he signed up for a triathlon, bought a bike, and showed up totally unprepared.

“Two weeks later I found myself at the finish line… alone. Yes, alone. I was so slow they had already packed up the entire event by the time I got back. In hindsight I do remember several 80 year old grandmas and grandpas passing me along the way. That was the kick in the butt I needed to get my life together.

“But, I needed something holistic that was more of a lifestyle than a race or program. And that’s when I found CrossFit9, my heart, my home. And I’m here many years later. My future 90-year-old self will thank CF9 for giving me life!”


These days Chris is all about getting athletes of all skill levels under a barbell, specifically for Olympic Weightlifting. “I’m the guy to speak to if you want to post cool videos on instagram of your perfect snatch and heavy clean and jerk!”

Chris is known for his thoughtful warmups, watchful eye, and analytical coaching. You’ll catch him at the front of our early morning CrossFit classes, where he’s likely bumping a playlist of “booty poppin’ music”.

Favorite Spot to Grab a Bite:

Fresh Kitchen

Local “Musts”:

“The Pier and Beach Drive. Stop off at Pacuigo Gelato before heading to The Canopy to close out the night.””

What he geeks out on:

“I love watching really bad movies and sharing them with with Coach Zack. Love Scifi flicks, esoteric topics and useless statistics and knowledge. Big fan of music, but even more so reading rap and country lyrics online to get a good laugh.”

“I read (listen) a lot of books but the overly serious stuffy type on economics, real estate, motivation and fitness.”

Charitable Causes:

“I’ve been on the board of Tampa Crossroads as Treasurer for over a decade. The organization serves the community by helping people navigate life’s crossroads.”

“I also serve with Kiwanis Club and through them help hundreds of Tampa Bay children have proper care, nutrition, education and support to maximize their life outcomes.”


  • CrossFit Level 2
  • USA Weightlifting Level 1
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