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Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply make sustainable healthy habits, 5 Weeks to Fit is the starting point.

With a personal coach, you'll receive accountability, guidance, and a custom approach to your unique health needs. Plus  you'll get the excitement and community support from classes.


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5 WEEKS TO FIT: CrossFit

299 (A $685 value)
  • 5 personal Training sessions - 60 minutes (Avg. $500 value)
  • 5 weeks of unlimited CrossFit, 9HIIT, and open gym membership ($185 value)
  • SAVE $386!


169 A $440 value
  • 3 Personal Training sessions - 60 minutes ($300 value)
  • 5 week unlimited 9HIIT class membership ($140)
  • SAVE $271


"All the Google reviews about this place are true... the atmosphere here is great; everyone is friendly and welcoming. I researched a few places before I chose CrossFit 9, and I am definitely happy with my choice.

Since I am just getting into CrossFit I did a few training sessions with Dane. This guy is awesome; he is knowledgeable, patient and has gone above and beyond to make sure I get the most out of our one hour sessions. I highly recommend CrossFit 9!"

– Matt W.

"This is the first CrossFit gym I have joined and I cannot say enough amazing things about the gym and their staff!

I always feel challenged during my workouts, yet feel comfortable knowing the coaches always give feedback and modifications to make sure you are working out hard yet safe.

CrossFit 9 has helped me crush many fitness goals and continues to do so!"

–Kristen B.

"I was very anti-CrossFit before I started going here. I came with my wife and her brother the first time and I had no idea what I was doing. They were very welcoming and patient with me. At the time of writing this, it has been about a year since I signed up for a membership and I'm in the best shape of my life."

–Tyler B.

"I recently completed 6 sessions of personal training with Coach Gabe and have to say this made a difference in my fitness lifestyle. Coach Gabe was very attentive to my needs, abilities and disabilities when it came to the exercises he trained me on. After these training sessions, I am ready to begin the 9HIIT classes.
Thank you CrossFit9 for making me feel comfortable with my new fitness lifestyle."
–Robert I.

BJ calls CrossFit9 the “only reason” for his dramatic weight loss

BJ Haegele is a man of few words. But he’s got a lot to say when it comes to his dramatic transformation in the 11 months since he and his fiance joined CrossFit9. Almost exactly one year ago, BJ (6 feet tall), weighed in at 252 lbs. He was unhappy with his weight, on blood… Read more »

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CF9 Stories: Nikki’s Body Image Transformation

Nikki Hehn’s story has it all: Hard-fought weight loss. Beating an eating disorder. And most importantly: Forging a new relationship with herself. 

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9’er Story: Nic’s open letter to moms

“I will always remember the year I joined CrossFit9 because it was the same year my daughter was born—2016. I sent my husband down ahead of our big move from Brooklyn to DTSP to find us the perfect home and gym. Instead he found Zack & the rest is history.  I jokingly tell people I… Read more »

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Consistency Queen: Ashley Cain is here to crush metcons (and ice cream)

Ashley Cain is the type of person you just cannot help but love. She’s quick with a megawatt smile. Genuinely kind. Instantly relatable – right down to her well-documented love for Publix BOGO’s on Halo Top or Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. “I love food and I don’t see that ever changing,” she laughs. Ashley… Read more »

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9’er Stories: Caitlin kicks unhealthy body image to the curb

“Throughout the past year I proved to myself that I could love myself and be happy in my own skin.”

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