BJ calls CrossFit9 the “only reason” for his dramatic weight loss

BJ Haegele is a man of few words. But he’s got a lot to say when it comes to his dramatic transformation in the 11 months since he and his fiance joined CrossFit9.

Almost exactly one year ago, BJ (6 feet tall), weighed in at 252 lbs. He was unhappy with his weight, on blood pressure medication, and avoiding pictures altogether. He was lacking energy and motivation, and was “bored to death” with his regular globo-gym routine.

BJ was tired of wasting time and not seeing results.

Enter CrossFit9

BJ, 38, and his fiance Lindsey walked into CrossFit9 one fateful Thursday night, ready to try something new. Neither had any idea how drastically it would change both of their lives in just a few short months. That first 9HIIT workout with Coach Megan was harder than BJ expected, “But I instantly fell in love with it,” he said.

And the feeling is mutual.

The CrossFit9 community wouldn’t be the same without him. BJ’s always good for a joke or a quiet laugh. He’s always game to participate in a challenge or try a new skill. He’s a running buddy, dog walker, cheerleader, and all around friend to his WOD mates. He’s a big part of what makes CrossFit9 such a special place – a community of people that want the best for each other.

BJ and Lindsey have made a special place for themselves at CrossFit9, and that doesn’t happen overnight. For BJ, consistency is key. He and Lindsey started making 9HIIT a part of their routine, and it slowly became a daily habit. Now, they rarely miss a day (save for scheduled rest days).

The Results

BJ’s hard work and discipline has paid off in spades. He’s seen major changes in every aspect. He completed the 6-week Whole Life Challenge, experimented with the ketogenic diet, and says he is eating better than ever. Thanks to a consistent diet and exercise routine, BJ has lost over 50 pounds in just 10 months, now weighing in at just 198lbs. Along the way, he’s lost a ton of body fat, multiple inches off of his waist and hips, and his doctor even took him off his high blood pressure medicine!

BJ’s weight loss has not only transformed the way he looks, but also what his body is capable of doing. When BJ first started at CrossFit9, he was dealing with major limitations to his shoulder mobility. In the beginning, he was not even able to rack a bar for a back squat without shoulder discomfort.

After attending our shoulder mobility workshop, following coach advice, and doing his homework, BJ has come leaps and bounds in his mobility in the last year. That improvement, along with the strength he has built, has helped him crush his goals. He’s rocking toes to bar like a pro, and he recently hit one of his biggest CrossFit goals: getting a coveted bar muscle up!

BJ’s discipline is helping him do things he once thought were impossible. He credits that success to CrossFit9, which he says is “The only reason that I have changed so much in the past year.”

After less than a year into his journey with CrossFit9, we can’t wait to see where BJ goes next. He just completed his first CrossFit Open and his next target (a ring muscle up) is squarely in his sights.

Impressed by BJ’s dramatic transformation over the last 11 months? Looking to get started? Sign up for a class here (first class free!).

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